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Rogers Infirmary

Rectory's centrally-located infirmary is a warm and comfortable place for children to seek medical attention.

The Morgan Witter Rogers Jr. Memorial Infirmary was a gift of the Rogers Family in memory of their son and former Rectory student.

The Rogers Infirmary was completed in 1946. 6750平方米. ft. building consists of a nursing station, medication area, 厨房, treatment room, 等候室, 工作的房间, two bathrooms, and six patients rooms for a total of eight patient beds. Two rooms can be closed off for isolation cases.

医务室, inspected and licensed by the State of Connecticut, is centrally located on the upper campus. 医务室 staff believes that students must maintain a healthy life in order to reap the benefits of a Rectory education. Our goal as allied health-care professionals is to provide excellent health care in order to maximize each student's ability to participate fully in the activities of boarding school life.

Rectory is committed to the wellbeing of each student.

The mission of the Infirmary is to provide quality, 全面的, ambulatory health care for currently enrolled sick and injured students in addition to providing emergency care for on-the-job injuries for our employees. We are competent, 有经验的, and concerned medical professionals who teach our students to make informed and mature decisions about their health.

While early adolescence is a time when young people are asserting their independence, 父母 are still an extremely important part of the child’s life. We know that receiving a call saying your child is sick or injured can be most upsetting. It is our hope that 父母 will participate fully in making important decisions concerning the health education and well being of their children. We strive to establish and maintain effective communication between students, 父母, school faculty and staff.

The Rogers Infirmary

Nursing 工作人员

Jennifer Dumais
Director of Nursing

Megan Haggett

Athletic Trainer

School Counselors

Justin Bendall
Director of School Counseling
语音信箱: 860.963.6740 x326

School Counselor
语音信箱: 860.963.6740 

Raja Fattelah, M.D.
Medical Director

Putnam Medical Associates
330 Pomfret Street
Putnam, CT 06260

罗宾一. 周,维.M.D. (orthodontist)
(860) 928-4088 (Office)
(860) 928-6172 (Fax)

Danielson 药店
Open Monday - Saturday, does deliver.
电话: (860) 774-0050
传真: (860) 774-0060